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I have been to one art class in my whole life, and all of the other classes have practilly been on youtube or udemy ( ha ha ) but because I have been using  online art lessons for quite a while now I have found a few that are great, here are some 😀


1. One my favorite artists is Heather Wallwork, and I love her artwork and she has an AMAZING blog to read! It is the funniest blog you’ll ever read. She also has her drawing classes on YouTube here


2.  The rest of the classes have been on either youtube or this great app called Udemy, you do have to pay for the classes but they are really great and have taught me a lot.  I got lessons from the artisit named austin bacheloer and truns out he also has some of his classes on youtube! and I also took a class from brad colbow, he is a great teacher and he has a youtube channel and he is on udemy, he does have more infomation in the classes in udemy I feel like though. here is a link:


3. Austin bachelor

Here is his youtube channel if you would like to check that out 😉



that is all of the specific ones that I have loved, all the rest are just random videos I find on youtube, but if i find anymore great ones, I will share. have you taken any art classes? who is your favorite artisit? commet below!

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