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Have you ever wished that chapter books had more pictures? Well I do. That is why I love graphic novels. These kind of graphic novels are called Explorers and there are three different books, The Explorers mystery boxes, the Explorers the lost doors, and the lost islands.  What I really like about these books are that there are different short stories that are exiting, funny and fun to read. The stories are not all alike each story is different but all the stories have something in common, like in lost doors all of the short stories have a magical door in them. the same thing with the lost islands and mystery boxes.  I have only read two stories that I have not liked And would have liked to skip through but all the other stories were great! One of my favorite stories is about  fishermen that land on a island but actually it is a huge fish. Another favorite is about a witch that has a pixie egg and needs to find the right sound so it can hatch. I didn’t think that any of the stories were scary but all of them are funny. I found mine at my liabary but you can click on this link to go to the books on amazon.

Have you ready any graphic novels that you would recommend?

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