How I make my paper flower fairy’s

One year my little sister got a Klutz kit for her birthday, it was a kit so you could make your own fairy. The fairy was made out of wire, beads, and fake flowers. After seeing how easy it was I wanted to make one of my own. I got the supplies and went crazy making the fairies, so today I am going to teach you how to make them.

The first step is you need to gather your supplies, the materials you need are:

  • wire
  • skin color beads
  • beads to use for the body
  • fake flowers that you can get at the dollar store
  • your choice of  embroidery thread.
  •  hot glue gun.

Once you have the supplies you cut a piece of wire about 8 inches long and slide on the bead that will become the face. With the bead in the center of the wire, fold the wire down on each side of the bead and twist a few times to secure the head in place.

Next you make the arms by bending out wire on each side of the head (I have found it is better to make the arms longer than shorter). Now slide on the bead for the body and put some hot glue under the bead to hold the body in place.


Once the glue has dried you slide on a flower of your choice, you can layer the flowers and decorate the flower with glued on beads or sequins. Once the skirt is how you like it hot glue it on place in the inside.

Finally cut the thread to glue on the hair at the top of the bead (head). Last you draw a face with a permeant maker. I use a bead cap to make a crown or a flower bead to make an accessory and then you are done! Have fun making fairies.