How to create fun artwork for free using my favorite website.

Sometimes I really hate thinking of what to draw. I love drawing all kinds of things but I have a hard time coming up with ideas, that is why I love Art For Kids Hub’s website – Click here to visit the website. I like this website because they have a lot of videos to choose from and I also really like that they post videos frequently it is like every time I go to their website their is a new video. But I don’t really like that they are doing  a lot of small cartoony people they used to do more realistic people drawings. They also give very good instructions also they have a lot of videos that are for older kids and younger kids it will usually tell you at the top of the video if it is for younger kids.  Do you have any art websites that you like? Let me know down below in the comments. These are some pictures that I have drawn with their instructions : This one is a gingerbread house.

This one is a small elf a lot of their cartoony people look like this. look like this style. ( below)


This one I really enjoyed drawing and I thought that it looked super cool when finished and colored.  This is a pheonix  but they do not have very many videos  of mythical animals.


And this one is Disgust from Inside Out. This one is one of my  favorites if you like any of these than there will be a link at the bottom of the page if you click on it you can go to their website.