My sewing experience with my mom

Did you know that  earliest thread was made out of animals skin? Also did you know that sewing needles were made out of  animals bones and elephants tusks?

I love learning facts about sewing and I love sewing. I take sewing lessons from my grandma I go to sewing lessons every other week. It is fun because I get to sew whatever I want. I have sewn a lot of stuff so far, I have just finished a purse that has floral fabric and I love my zipper, it’s a lacy zipper.

If you are just getting started sewing I suggest that you try making a pillowcase or a pair of pajama pants. Both of those projects are easy. I have a book that teaches you how to sew things like a felt wallet, sleeping eye masks and simple doll clothes. When I am sewing by myself I use my book for ideas and do bigger projects when I’m with my Grandma. The book is called Sewing School  and you can find it on Amazon (click the link).

This is a blanket I made for my baby sister melody.

This is a photo of a piece of my halloween dress before I was done with it.

This is my Grandma and I, I am in my pajama pants that I sewed

This is my purse that I just sewed and I love it!