New Art!

Its been a while since I posted some of my artwork!  So here are some of my newest pieces 🙂

I was inspired to draw this cat from the disney short film Lorenzo.


This was just a quick drawing that was really fun to draw.

I drew this with a reference photo from the site

I personally think all of the photos are really helpful!


I drew this for a presentation I had to do about Jackie Kennedy.  So the White House and the flags are things that represent something about her like did you know she actually won an Emmy even though she was not an actress, she got it cause after she renovated the White House she broadcasted it to tv, and because so many people loved and watched it she got an Emmy!

This one I also had to do for my schoolwork, We had to draw or create our name in a creative way and so I love disney so I did a disney themed name.

For my art classes I need to create a character and create an environment so I tried to do a 60s girl.  In this piece of art I was just seeing what I wanted the 60s girl to look like so it is really rough.

then I took my favorite girl from those and I inked it and colored it.

And then I then I drew a quick environment for her to live in. 🙂

That is all of the art I have so far!  What is your hobby?


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