Summer! part 1

This summer was AMAZING! My birthday, the neighborhood theater, Pioneer events and more..

My Family is a part of a PioneerΒ  group. that means we dress up like pioneers and act like pioneer and sleep in a tent that a pioneer would have slept in. we have activities that the public can do and more πŸ˜€ !

The tent that we sleep in is made by us! it took a long time to make but it is really cool that we sewed it πŸ˜‰

We have done two events today so some of these are from our first event in may this year, it was in Ephraim Utah.

Our family does the washing, so we have buckets and yolks ( the things to carry water are yolks )

the other stations are, Blacksmithing, the Kitchen ( that we help in sometimes ), pioneer games, watchmaking, Weaving, and Tinsmithing. there is a cook of the camp that cooks all of the meals with help of whoever, so me and little sister sometimes help in there.

The second event was at cove fort, that even was waaayyy more warmer. the first event was really really cold and the second was really hot. ( ha ha )


-The second event that happened was my 14 birthday, this year I chose to spend a day with my best friend. We went shopping out to lunch and had our makeup done by my makeup artist aunt πŸ˜‰

we got our makeup done and then we headed out for lunch at my fav restaurant, costa vida πŸ˜€Β  Then we went shopping, we both found a jumper πŸ™‚ then we headed to take photos with our new outfits at the murals in provo, I love how they added so many murals in downtown provo!

and that is the end of summer part #1! hope you enjoyed it! πŸ˜€