Summer part 2!

SUMMER! part two 😀

-we did a photoshoot of my siblings at some murals in provo for their b-day photos for our family photo book that my mom makes 🙂

Little brother loves loves horses and animals so mom took his photos at this western themed mural.

little brother 2 had his photos taken at this color block wall.

and baby sister took hers at this wall that has a castle cause I can not explain how much she LOVES princesses!

and then little sister hasn’t taken hers yet cause her birthday is in September.

-Then we had our summer play!! this year we did Mary Poppins. me and my best friend planned it. My friend is AMAZING and wrote the whole entire script! All of the scripts that we found online that were free were more than 100 pages and we were NOT going to do that. For two years now it has just been a neighborhood thing like two families or more with mine, and we would host it on our basketball court in the backyard but at the very end of the year last year our next door neighbors that we did the play with moved and so we decided we would advertise it around ElkRidge, we first did regular flyers but we only got two people. and so my best friends mom posted it to Facebook and then all of a sudden we had 15 children! It was CRAZY we held the practices at my house in the backyard.

we practiced for a week and then we performed. this year we got the stake center reserved so we could use an actual stage!  There was sooo many people compared to what last years crowd was ( 3 families )

we found a lot of props at d.i ( thank you d.i !!! ) the rest of them were from both of our houses.

After the show, my best friends mom had bought us both flowers!

It turned out awesome and we had all of the parents asking us if we would do it next year 🙂

-We had a beginning of summer party with our neighbors that moved away. I know, I am not going in order ( he he ) It was a chalk party at this lake, oh how messy ( ha ha )



Family reunion! This family reunion was for my moms side of family. We went to =

Utah, we go there a couple times a year, it has very few people and store but it is really cool. we go to this store every single time. we call it the little store 🙂


( baby sis and my cousin )

and that was the highlights of my summer!

What is your favorite thing about summer?