the city celebration!! :D

This was my moms last year in charge of the parade in the city celebration, she has been in charge of it for five years! this year I walked in the parade with one of my friends and we pulled my little sister and some of my younger cousins in a wagon, the rest of the kids ( my cousins and siblings that are older ) walked and biked  😉

For fun we got chalk and colored our hair  lot’s of colors. the colors were soo bright!

I loved little sisters hair so much! she had blue, pink and yellow 😀


The picture is dark but baby sister got her hair pure bright pink. she absolutely loved her hair and thought she looked like her favorite character in a tv show ( True and the magical rainbow kingdom )

This is us with all of our bikes wagons and stuff. little sister rode her rollerblades the whole way! 😀

that night my friend and  I ran a couple of game booths at the carnival, I ran the cherry spitting contest and oh boy that was fun ( ha ha ) some people from my neighborhood had a contest and about who could spit the pits father, and one of them spit it farther than the lines ( there were lines painted on the grass to mark how far you spat it )  went! and it was a really long line!!  my friend ran the pie eating contest, they were the tiny pies you can buy at the store, but most of the people just wanted to purchase the pies and not participate in the contest ( ha ha ) after we ran the booths the outdoor movie started, it was monsters inc. and then there was a party for 12 and up kids. and so big brother, me and my friend went to it.  They had black lights and white balls and so they were glowing and then there was soda and music but nothing else, it was pretty fun though.  This years parade was really fun. and next year we will make a float! cause we couldn’t before cause my mom was in charge of the parade.

do you like parades? comment down below! 🙂

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  1. Tivi Rider says:

    I love short parades! Haha! I don’t like sitting for too long, but this year’s Elk Ridge parade was very fun to watch!

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