The cruise!

This march my family and our cousins went on a cruise! I was thinking waaayy smaller so i was really suprised on how big it was! The first day was driving down, we stayed the night in a hotel and spent the whole next day driving down to california Longbeach where we boarded the cruise that day! 😀 we met up with our cousins and boarded our ship and so the adventure began! we went to our rooms and got all of our luggage situated and then went off to explore the ship! There was a buffet with 24 hour ice cream and pizza! On that trip we had the most ice cream anyone could ever have ;D it was a blast 😀 all of the kids in my family are also really obsessed with hot chocolate but our parents don’t love it so when we found they had a hot chocolate machine and oh how we loved it, I think one of the best things about the cruise was that they had 24 hour food, and who wouldn’t  like to eat any food for free whenever!? The cruise ship also had a library and I though it looked like it came out of Harry Potter, they had books you could check out and a LOT of board games you could play, my dad spent a lot of the last day in there reading his book ( he he ) The top of the deck had a track wrapping around it, mini golf inside and some really fun exercise equipment 🙂 it was a really fun place to hang out, outside on the ship, but it was kind of hard trying to get the golf ball in the hole when the ship is rocking back and forth ( ha ha ) Every night we had dinner in the other restaurant . The staff there was really nice and the person who was in charge of cleaning your room and a couple others would talk to you and know your names and always ask how you are doing, they were really nice. And so in the middle of each dinner they would dim the lights and put on a disco light sorta thing and put on some fun music and we would have like a 5 to 10 minute dance party! That was always really funny 😁 The second day was Catalina islands!  we woke up and had breakfast in the restaurant, the breakfast was really good, mom got a grapefruit with sugar stuff on the top of it and she swore that it said was grapefruit thing with a rose, so when she got is with a rose on the side she was really confused if she was supposed to eat it or if it was for decoration ( ha ha ) then after breakfast we headed off to the island. We had a lot of fun roaming around looking at the stores and playing a lot on the beaches finding really cool rocks and shells! when we got back on the ship we hung around and then the ship took off again. That night was the fancy dinner, where everybody on the ship gets dressed up and goes to dinner. 😀 big sister and my cousin and I got a makeover by our moms before the dinner for fun 🙂 and then we went to take pictures before the dinner I am kinda standing weird in this photo, it was a little chilly outside with really cold wind soo he he. when we woke up the next day the ship we were in Mexico! we took a tiny ship to the shore 🙂 we would stay the day in the city Esanada in Mexico, we rented a car and took it to go to the blowhole where the water gets trapped in this square like place and the water gets so full with pressure that it does not know what to do with it so it shoots the water up! that day it was not very active so that was sad, but here is a video of it when it is in action! that day from whoever took this it was very active! when my mom and dad went on this same cruise years ago it was almost like that 😀 the blowhole is actually called  la Bufadora there.  up to it there is a lot of booths selling stuff, there we got a couple of souvenirs! ;D look at how blue that water is! little sister, my mom and all got flip flops, big sister and I got matching ones 😀 we don’t have a picture of those though, I also bought a snow globe to add to my collection. my cousin got a beautiful dress and i got a shirt with beautiful embroidery on it like the top of her dress. we spent the whole day in Mexico all practically in la Beufadora. the next day was ship day were we spent the whole day having fun on board. we played a lot of mini golf and did a scavenger hunt for the kids who were in camp ocean, a kids club, we also had a LOT of ice cream he he. We also went to Mardi gra mask making, we thought that was pretty strange until we found out it was Mardi gra that day 😉 For the younger kids in our family there was a parade that they participated in, it was dr. Suess themed, it was really cute to see mel do it, but they really needed to turn down the music and microphone, it was soooo loud 🙁 and all of those little kids were right next to them! Before the parade my cousin and I participated in a dance class, they were teaching the salsa, and the teacher called me up and so I danced in front of everyone :O the parade led to where all of the kids listened to them acting out a book. And Us eating ice cream at the top of the ship! That night we packed up, and so when we woke up we all boarded off the ship and starting driving back towards Utah, the drive was so long. The way back we just did the ride in one day and got back really late back home 😀 The trip was absolutely one of my favorites 🙂 whats your favorite place you’ve been?